Formally expressive, rich in material texture and ergonomic by design, Stack is a raw yet refined line of digitally fabricated stack laminated contemporary furniture for both residential and hospitality settings. Developed by Timbur, a digital fabrication company with deep roots fabricating projects for architects, artists and designers, Stack offers a unique perspective on the conception and production of contemporary furniture. Stack products are made in the USA using FSC certified plywood and are designed to minimize material waste.


Stack lamination is a method for building up a large volume of material from sheet stock. Sheets of FSC certified Baltic Birch plywood are CNC machined and stack laminated into blocks that approximate the shape of a larger form. These blocks are then 3-dimensionally re-machined, assembled and finished. The stack lamination process, oscillating between subtractive and additive fabrication, is the core mode of production for the Stack product line.


Ezra, educated as an architect, explores the intersection of design, materiality and robotics as a source for re-imagining the fabricated world.


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